Kaepernick jeresy is now art! 

The MoMA in NY has put Kaepernick #7 jersey on display for an exhibition name : “IS FASHION MODERN”. If you don’t remember Kaepernick first kneel down started Aug, 16 in effort to protest the racial injustice plaguing thenation once again. The exhibition explores the impact of sports on the 20th and 21st century.

Some may not know but as of last year, Kaepernick jersey has been one of NFL official shop top selling item to this day. The MoMA curator Paola Autonelli and her curatorail team expressed in a email to huffipost; ” Children around the world look up to sport hero as role models; for them the jersey embodies a dream or aspiration”.
We all know Kaepernick should at least had a opportunity to play in the NFL despite what he was fighting for. But since that not the case, I’m glad he continues to get recognition for the sacrifice he would ultimatel have to make going down on that one knee. It goes to show you how much power one knee can have. Stay OHSO my friends.


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