The Art of Vinie.

Graffiti artist Vinie based in Montreuil-sous-Bois, near Paris, France is using her art to make the world a little bit more beautiful to be in. By using nature,land and paint as her tools Vinie is able to make the illusion of what’s there or not there. From using thing like trees leaves as her drawing hair style or using the world as her canvas. By doing this it forces you to take a double look at her graffiti art, as if it s jumping off the wall. She uses her trademark elegant black woman with a afro to show you how beautiful the world can be if you just add some color to it. Take a look at some of her past work. Hopefully it inspire you to go out and make the world a little bit more beautiful in your eyes. Stay OHSO my friends. Leave comments of what you think of her art.

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